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Board addresses issues

By Levon Kinney


WILBRAHAM In an informative briefing at the Jan. 22, Wilbraham Board of Selectmen meeting, the Wilbraham Medical Reserve Corps gave a description of the duties they would perform during an emergency situation.

Wilbraham Firefighter and medic Lisa Carney headed the presentation. The Corps is a component of Homeland Security and is involved in disaster planning and the aftermath of an event.

"We would be staffing emergency sites," Carney explained. "Building emergency shelters and maintaining hygienic conditions."

Carney added that along with 50 volunteering Registered Nurses many civilian volunteers are needed for it to work successfully in a disastrous scenario.

"You can come help the town in a time of crisis." Carney said.

For more information the public can contact Lisa Carney at the Wilbraham Fire Department 596-3122.

Allan Kinney of the Concerned Citizens of Wilbraham took time during open forum to ask the Selectmen to publish along with the town's budget, the wages of employees who work at the six schools in Wilbraham.

"I don't really know if we want to do that," Chairman David Barry said. "That is more for the School Committee and Superintendent Gagliarducci to decide."

Kinney replied that in 2004 the Concerned Citizens asked Superintendent of Schools Paul Gagliarducci to publish the numbers and there was little response afterwards.

Selectman Patrick Brady commented that it may turn out to be to costly in both time and money and that if it were put in the form of a spreadsheet on a web site it might be possible.

Barry left it to the school's administration to decide.

It was the first meeting for Interim Town Administrator Barry Del Castihlo. In his first Town Administrators Report Del Castihlo explained the town's server is being changed.

"We are still in the process of getting a new network," Del Castihlo said. "At this time it is still running parallel with the old network. E-mail is mostly working, however the spam filter is blocking emails from Yahoo and AOL."

Del Castihlo added that the two are both responsible for a considerable amount of spam and the filter is still blocking all the messages instead of letting in the non-spam.

Wilbraham's Cultural Council received a new member when the Selectmen appointed Mary Rielly to a three year term ending in 2010.

Barry told Rielly that the council only meets regularly during a period in the fall from October to November.

"They do a lot of good for the children of the town," Barry explained. "Planning trips and events that everyone enjoys."