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Church hosts fund-raiser for Father's Day

WILBRAHAM Finding a gadget for Father's Day that is useful, fun and inexpensive can be difficult, but Wilbraham United Church has come up with a fund-raising idea that is appropriate for almost every dad a waterproof flashlight that works without batteries.

The light comes on with a few shakes.And in those situations where shaking is not appropriate, there is an on button for the lithium-ion batteries.

As a fund-raiser, these Father's Day gifts will help Wilbraham United Church and the community missions it is involved in, such as Loaves and Fishes, Habitat for Humanity, Community Survival Center and the Open Pantry.

"We specialize in fund-raising events, such as the Silent Auction in October and the Home Tour in December," said Patrick Fallon, a member of the Financial Resources Committee at Wilbraham United Church. "So, this year we decided to add a product to our fund-raising mix one that could be used year-round and would appeal to everyone, from college students to grandparents. A well-made flashlight that doesn't require batteries seemed idea. After all, we've all found ourselves in situations where we needed a flashlight, but the batteries were dead."

To purchase the "Freedom Flashlight," stop by the church at 500 Main St., Wilbraham, or call the church office at 596-2511.