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Delivered directory to benefit HWRSD grads

By Natasha Clark

Assistant Managing Editor

WILBRAHAM The Wilbraham Women's Club is gearing up for their 27th year delivering the Wilbraham Telephone Directory.

In conjunction with Reminder Publications, the directory crosses over 5,000 doorsteps every other year since the project was created in 1980. Dottie Schwendenmann, the project's creator, said having Reminder Publications' carriers deliver the directory is "one of the key things that has made it possible. We would not be able to afford to mail the book."

The concept of the project was developed in the 1970s as a means to raise funds for high school graduates and community service projects.

"We needed a project to build a scholarship fund. We give scholarships to the Wilbraham-Hampden graduates every year," Schwendenmann said.

Thanks to the directory and its advertisers, she said that the Wilbraham Women's Club has been able to award several scholarships per year.

The directories are set to be delivered by the end of January.

"If people do not receive a copy they can either call me at 596-9503 for delivery of a book or obtain a copy at Town Hall," Schwendenmann added. "We would like to thank the people who make the directory possible and hope that anyone who receives a book will tell our sponsors they saw their ad in the phone book. They are a very important group that make the project."