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FourFathers emphasize importance of dad-daughter dynamic

Date: 3/28/2013

By Katelyn Gendron

WILBRAHAM — Scott Williams says he's no expert on parenting but for someone who claims to lack expertise, he sure has quite a bit.

Williams is one of four dads who've founded a new business, FourFathers, to increase awareness of the important role fathers play in the upbringing of their daughters. According to the "Fathers," it's all about "being there."

"It doesn't take more than causal observation to see that many fathers just don't pay much attention or leave parenting — especially parenting of daughters to the mothers. We define 'being there' as taking time, paying sincere attention and providing unconditional love. 'Being there' means a father making himself part of the daily lives of his daughters from day one," Williams explained of the organization's motto.

Each of the founding fathers, Williams, Mike Hassett, Al Nardi and Bill Scatolini, are parents to at least one daughter.

"Each of us has daughters so we understand what's at stake through daily personal experience. Our daughters range in age from toddlers to adults, so we have a range of experience to draw on. Each of us is an entrepreneur who brings unique skills that can aid in the development of a brand and a business organization. Each of us has a big heart," Williams said.

Such compassion extends beyond FourFathers, as they've also partnered with various community organizations to support their charitable endeavors.

"We've chosen to support Rick's Place because it's an organization that helps children who have lost a loved one, perhaps a father. Bill Scatolini has been involved with Rick's Place since the beginning and he is very passionate about the mission. We know the organization and the great work it does, so it was a clear choice," Williams said.

"We've also chosen to support the Girl Scouts and there hasn't been an organized effort among fathers to encourage girls to join before. No doubt we will identify other organizations in the future. We are in the process of building our business so we can generate profits, and a portion of those profits we will donate to causes that help children," he added.

When asked why the father-daughter dynamic is so important, as opposed to the father-son relationship, he replied, "Read the research from experts in the field and it's clear that fathers play a huge role in the development of their daughters' sense of self and personal awareness. Given the threats that contemporary society can pose to children in general and girls in particular, we think it's important for dads be involved ... The father-son dynamic is important, too, and we support efforts that get fathers to connect with their sons. There are a great many businesses and organizations rooted in the father-son dynamic. We didn't see much happening in the father-daughter space so we're working to build our business there."

Expanding the message of FourFathers is certainly on the forefront of their minds, Williams said, noting that they're in the midst of planning various community events as well as "recognizing organizations that celebrate the father-daughter bond."

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