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Good samaritan is an all around winner

Marguerite Wigham Reminder Publications photo by Courtney Llewellyn
By Courtney Llewellyn

Reminder Assistant Editor

WILBRAHAM Marguerite Wigham is a "beneficiary of her own generosity," according to Stop & Shop Vice President of Consumer Affairs Andrea Astrachan.

This spring, Wigham donated one dollar to the Jimmy Fund while buying a jar of mayonnaise at the Boston Road Stop & Shop. For her donation, she earned a scratch ticket that could have been worth a free product at the store or $10,000.

She sat down on a bench before leaving the store to scratch the ticket. She had to confirm with a customer associate afterward that she had indeed won $1,000.

"I buy one ticket every year," Wigham said, referring to the store's Triple Winner Game. "It was two days before it really settled in that I had won."

For the moment, Wigham is being conservative with her winnings, buying some things for her home at The Pines on Stony Hill Road. There are some new potted flowers in front of her building, and a new air conditioner sits in her living room window. "It's handy to have," she said about the money.

"I'm glad I have it," she continued. She plans to buy a little extra food with some of the remaining money, plus a new television and a new couch. She wants to try to save at least half of it for the future.

"I always donate and get a ticket when they first come out," Wigham said. She also said that she absolutely plans on donating for another ticket next year.

The 77-year-old great-grandmother may use her winnings to travel abroad. If she returns to England, it will be her tenth trip there.

Stop & Shop's Triple Winner Game runs from late spring and this year through mid-July. It is a creative scratch ticket-based fundraising game that seeks to raise $5.25 million to fight childhood cancer.

"By playing the Triple Winner Game, our customers will help us raise more funds to defeat pediatric cancer than ever before," Astrachan said.

Robert Keane, a spokesman for Stop and Shop, said that the store has been running the Triple Winner Game for 17 years. "We've already achieved our goal of $5.25 million this year," he said, " and over the past 17 years, we've raised over $42 million to help fight pediatric cancer."

All proceeds from the Triple Winner Game go to the fight against pediatric cancer, with donations in Massachusetts supporting the the Jimmy Fund in Boston.