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Mosquito dunks available in Hampden

HAMPDEN The Hampden Board of Health would like to inform residents with standing water areas that mosquito dunks are available at the Town House. Each resident will be allowed to purchase up to five dunks at the cost of $1.50 each.

How mosquito dunks work

Mosquito Dunks can be used in all types of standing water sites where mosquito larvae grow before becoming adults. Alternate wetting and drying will not reduce the effectiveness. To prevent dunks from being washed away, anchor them using a string tied through the center hole, or they can be staked in place. Mosquito dunks contain no poisonous chemicals and are harmless to other living things. Each Dunk treats 100 square feet of water surface regardless of depth. Mosquito larvae will feed on them and will be killed continuously. You will then be rid of biting adult mosquitoes for the entire season. Mosquito dunks which dry out will start working again when they become wet. Unused dunks will remain active. Call the Board of Health office with any questions, 566-2152.