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Residents sought to plan 250th bash

Date: 10/25/2010

Oct. 25,2010

By Chris Maza

Reminder Assistant Editor

WILBRAHAM -- The Board of Selectmen recently released a statement inviting town residents to be a part of the committee charged with planning of the town's 250th anniversary celebration.

This anniversary will mark the town's biggest milestone since its bicentennial in 1963.

The celebration is slated for June, 2013, but Town Administrator Robert Wietz told Reminder Publications that while that date seems to be in the very distant future, with the amount of work that goes into such an event, it is closer than it seems. Planning for the bicentennial began in 1958, nearly five years prior to the actual celebration.

"It's not all that far away," Wietz said. "It generally takes a couple of years to plan something like this."

Wietz said that there is no deadline for those who wish to get involved, but he did say the committee most likely would want to appoint its officers and start planning "sometime this fall."

According to the selectmen's press release, the first major concern of the committee will be coming up with the seed money. It further states that a special Massachusetts general law allows towns to allocate public funds for anniversary celebrations.

Those interested in getting involved in planning of anniversary should call the selectman's office at 596-2800, ext. 101, email the selectmen at or send a brief letter to the board's attention at 240 Springfield Road, Wilbraham, MA 01119.

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