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Snow to show softer side of Celtic

Jeff Snow
By Courtney Llewellyn

Reminder Assistant Editor

WILBRAHAM Meg Sullivan, a caretaker of the Captain Charles Leonard House in Agawam, described Wilbraham resident Jeff Snow as an "extraordinary guitar player." She expects his show on Nov. 10 to draw in at least 60 audience members, if not a full house.

As part of a Celtic music series called Concerts at the Captain's House, Snow's set has been dubbed as "a softer side of Celtic."

Snow said he plays all acoustic music on a variety of instruments including guitar, auto harp, Celtic bouzouki (similar to a mandolin) and bodhr n, a shallow Irish drum.

"What I do is called the softer side of Celtic because I don't have the driving fiddle or the loud guitar, like the Dropkick Murphys," Snow said. "That kind of Celtic didn't exist 10 years ago. I play music for the audience to sit and really listen to."

Snow said his set list includes traditional tunes from hundreds of years ago that are based in history. "The Massacre of Glen Coe" is a song that tells the story of the battle between King William III's army and the MacIan clan in Glen Coe, Scotland, in February 1692. The English forces, led by Scotsman Robert Campbell, wiped out the village. Snow said that there is still a pub in Glen Coe with a sign on the door that states "Campbells not welcome."

"I use my performances to educate as well as entertain," Snow said. "I'll tell some history and then I'll play a song."

Snow said he is excited for this opportunity to play at the Captain's House because he doesn't get to perform in the area very often, although he does perform shows throughout the northeast. He promises that a special guest or two will join him onstage.

"It's going to be a lot of fun," the guitarist said.

In addition to playing live shows, Snow has also released two albums on CD, "Ruah: Spirit of the Wind" and "Simply Amazing." Both are available at his Web site,

Snow was also featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine. He works as a guitar teacher throughout the northeast.

"We're excited for this style of music and for Jeff to perform," Sullivan said. "Some people prefer the driving fiddle but a whole other crew enjoy the guitar."

She added that people come back for the Celtic music at the Captain's House for years and years. "This is really for people who appreciate the music and the talents of the performers," she said.

Sullivan said Snow has a large fan base and those interested in attending the show should definitely call ahead to reserve seats. Maximum capacity at the venue is 75 people.

Reserved tickets are $14 and tickets at the door are $18. To reserve seats, call Meg or Dan Sullivan at 789-9267 or email them at

For information on upcoming performers, visit or

"I'm looking forward to playing the Captain Charles Leonard House," Snow said. "It will really give the audience exposure to different parts of the Celtic world."