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Students to celebrate Minnechaug s 50th year

Date: 4/6/2009

By Laura Christiansen

Staff Intern

WILBRAHAM On Sept. 25, Minnechaug Regional High School will be celebrating its 50 anniversary. The celebration will consist of several activities that are open to the public.

The week of the celebration, the school will be participating in "a spirit week celebrating Minnechaug and its legacy," Heidi Drawec, dean of students, said.

A luncheon will take place on Friday at Minnechaug.

"The luncheon will only be open to those at the school, [not the whole community]," Drawec said.

On Saturday, the school will be hosting a banquet for alumni, current students, faculty and the community at the Marriott in Springfield.

The school will also be open for tours and will have a media presentation. The tours are open to all in the community.

"The History Department is making a media presentation, which will be no more than 15 minutes. They have a lot of freedom with this. It will be shown to the student body and at the banquet," Nicole Smith, assistant principal, said.

Another event is going to be a time capsule contest.

"We are going to make a time capsule to be opened in 50 years," Drawec said.

A main attraction at the celebration will be a mini-museum of Minnechaug, which will be placed in the schools media center. The museum will contain photographs and mementos donated by the community that represent Minnechaug over the past 50 years.

"The backdrop of the museum will consist of major American and world events that have happened over the years," Smith said.

Every department at the school is contributing something to the celebration.

"The science department is building a display of old instruments to current scientific instruments. The have a lot of items that they don t use anymore," Smith said.

Those in charge of the celebration hope to use the Peach Festival as a tool to get the community involved.

"I would love to have a booth at the Peach Festival where the community and students can donate an item or write a reflection [about the school]. I want to compile all the reflections into a book of community memories," Smith said.

The plans for the celebration are only just beginning.

"I really want the kids involved. This school means a lot to me because I went here," Smith said.