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Agawam Public Library to feature a variety of artwork this month

AGAWAM The Agawam Public Library, for the month of February, will feature the Photographic Display of John Loos, freelance Cinematographer/Director of Photography and Portrait, Event, and Commercial Photographer. This exhibit includes a retrospective of his work that has been done over the years as well examples of recent photo essays. One such photo essay celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of the Goth culture.

The Goth series began when a friend expressed his excitement at having attended Goth night at a local nightclub. After meeting several people who were associated with these events, Loos discovered how the popular media had largely misrepresented them. Loos thought that it would be interesting to explore this subculture photographically. What he found was that these people, in spite of their somewhat dark and unique appearance, were all very creative, intelligent, and caring human beings. They are not unlike anyone else on the planet in regard to their basic values and aspirations. The big difference is that they are not afraid to express themselves creatively in their mode of dress, ornamentation, and body modification. This, Loss believes, is something to respect and admire. This recent work has rekindled his interest in pursuing still photography both as a form of self-expression and for commercial interests.

This unique showing will be located on the Gallery Walls of the library.

Also, for the month of February, artwork of students of the Family of Faith Homeschool Co-op will have a display in the Agawam Public Library.

The Family of Faith Homeschool Co-op is a group of families who tap into the talents and interests of parents and their children to enrich their homeschooling experience. They meet regularly to study chosen subjects together in order to take advantage of each parent's strengths, benefiting everyone's children. One such area of interest is art.

The design and drawing projects the students have pursued will be on exhibit on the lower level walls of the library.

The Agawam Public Library is also pleased to exhibit the artistry of Sally Loos. This exhibition offers photo transfers onto fabric that is used to create handbags, dolls, pillows and wall hangings.

This creative exhibit will be featured in the Johnson Memorial Case on the main level of the library.

Viewing hours are for all exhibits are Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.