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Council amends zoning for parking

AGAWAM The City Council recently approved an ordinance that amends zoning laws allowing for temporary parking in the city.

"Right now in certain zones the parking was allowed by special permit, some zones you couldn't and some zones you could," Attorney Vincent Gioscia, city soliciter said. "Now anyone can apply for the special permit through the Board of Appeals."

Reasons members of the City Council gave for the zone change pertained to Six Flags' presence in the city, the Big E fairgrounds proximity to the city, the need for parking various times of the year for civic and charitable and social events and public safety.

Temporary parking is defined by the Council as the parking of vehicles for a finite period, not to exheed fifteen hours.

According to the new Ordinance persons will be allowed to park passenger vehicles on their property for a fee via special permit granted by the Board of Apeals after a public hearing.

The duration of a special permit for temporary parking shall be no longer than two years.