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Councilor calls for answer

By G. Michael Dobbs

Managing Editor

AGAWAM Agawam City Councilor Joseph Mineo is giving Governor Mitt Romney another week before "doing something else" to attempt to get an answer from the governor about the fate of the completion of the Route 57 extension.

Mineo explained to Reminder Publications that with the Big Dig crisis he understands if Romney doesn't immediately respond to a letter he sent him on July 13.

"It's a fair time line with the problems in Boston, " he said,

The letter read in part: "Approximately 13 months ago the Agawam City Council passed a resolution opposing your decision to indefinitely place on hold the extension of Route 57.

"I am asking you to reconsider that decision. Route 57 is a major connector to Interstate 91 as well as Route 5. The extension of Route 57 Phase II of the project, would improve traffic flow and reduce the potential for accidents that currently exists with the Phase II area. I am also requesting that you direct the State department of transportation to provide interim improvements to the roadway, particularly to the Feeding Hills intersection to improve safety and reduce congestion.

Mineo went on to explain tot he governor that Phase Ii would continue a four-lane highway into Southwick and would eliminate the dangerous intersection that now exists.

He pointed out in his letter the state has already take the necessary property through eminent domain more than ten years ago, a move that displaced families

He said the project has gone on "way, way too long."

Mineo conducted a rally to coincide with the sending of the letter on July 13 and said that he would be talking with his committee on the project what they should do next if they don't hear from Romney.