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New Committee is formed

By Erin O'Connor

Staff Writer

AGAWAM Mayor Richard A. Cohen announced the formation of a Community Center Assessment Committee for the Town of Agawam.

"The establishment of this committee is to study the feasibility of using schools and/or other potential facilities for recreational, and cultural activities, to be operated by an authorized municipal program," Cohen said.

School Committee member Anthony C. Bonavita will serve as chairman of the committee. The committee was supported by the full Agawam School Committee with a vote of 7-0 in favor on May 9 from a resolution that was put forth to the School Committee by Bonavita and Rosemary Sandlin.

"Through the years there have been many people who want a recreational center, a cultural center. What we are trying to do is try and find a place that we can use," Bonavita said to Reminder Publications last week.

Members who were appointed to the committee include Bonavita, Ralph Zavarella, Mary Avery, Sandy MacDonald, Diane Juzba, Joseph Mineo, F. William Euliano, Christopher Sparks, and Michael Beaudry Sr. Anthony Albro and the mayor will serve as Ex-officio members of the committee.

Bonavita said the committee has looked at plans of the Boys and Girls Club and will meet with them for advice. The proposed center is thought to be a municipally- funded facility, rather than a privately funded one.

"The center will be home to cultural events, drama and theater and all of this will be at one location to include the community," Bonavita said.

The committee is planning to have a meeting in early September in which to discuss plans for the center. Bonavita said that public hearings will soon follow in that members of the community can comment.