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Sandlin addresses issues

By Erin O'Connor

Staff Writer

AGAWAM Rosemary Sandlin told The Reminder on Nov. 8 that she is "elated" over her recent win for the Third Hampden District Representative Seat.

"Lots of people have worked very hard for the last several months," she said. "It was a tough campaign and a long campaign. I took the high road and ran on the issues," she added.

Sandlin will be sworn in with the freshman class of the Legislature on Jan. 3.

"I have an education background so I will request to be on that committee-to drive economic issues and work on funding," Sandlin said. "Second, I will see to the town of Southwick getting the finances to do the renovations to the school district in June 2007."

Sandlin said that during her time on the Agawam School Committee the town of Agawam fought hard for a full day kindergarten and she would like to see that happen in Southwick.

"I have an early childhood passion that I share with Deval [Patrick]," she said.

She said Special Education is regulated by Federal and State laws and the special education laws are modeled by Massachusetts.

"It is always a challenge for the school system to see what comes down the pipeline," Sandlin said. "One severely disabled child can send the school budget into havoc. Our laws are comprehensive and this needs to be studied on a case by case basis."

Sandlin said that she has spent many years in the state senate as an aide so she is very familiar with the process but she just hasn't been able to vote.

"I have done everything else except vote," she said.

Sandlin said that the School Committee is almost like training for higher office.

What are Sandlin's plans once she is sworn in? " [I'm] going to hit the ground running," she replied.

Sandlin said she has not made the decision as to what to do with her current seat on the School Committee but that she made a promise to the people that she would serve out her two year term.

"I will not be running for re-election of the School Committee seat," she said.