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Sandlin and Boldyga schedule last minute debate

(left to right) State Rep. Rosemary Sandlin and opponent Nicholas Boldyga
Reminder Publications submitted photos
By Katelyn Gendron

Reminder Assistant Editor

At the eleventh hour the Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce stepped up to sponsor a candidate forum between State Rep. Rosemary Sandlin and her opponent Nicholas Boldyga this Thursday.

In an interview with Reminder Publications, Sandlin said she is looking forward to the candidate forum so that she may finally discover "what's making Nick Boldyga run [for State Representative of the 3rd Hampden District].

"I don't have any idea what are his positions on the issues of life, funding of education, and I work very hard to fund education, the elderly and how does he hope to help veterans?" Sandlin continued. "His bio [on his Web site] is about him and when you are running for office it's all about what you stand for and hope to accomplish."

She said that her "voting record is an open book" and speaks for itself and her position on the issues.

"You have to run a campaign based on the issues," Sandlin added.

She explained that she has read that Boldyga is calling for a "fresh perspective" for the 3rd Hampden District but questioned what the "fresh perspective" entails.

"It's so fresh I don't know what it is," Sandlin said. "That doesn't tell me what he's going to do and how he will vote on the critical issues of economy [or the] employment rate."

She said she believes the candidate forum will be "healthy" and a means to "get my position across."

Boldgya said he is looking forward to the event so that he may continue to answer questions posed by those in the district.

"What I've heard from most people is that they want to know that their concerns are being heard [whether it is] a pothole in the road or their retirement fund,' he said. "[They] want to know that they have someone representing them that will listen to them, have someone that will work hard for us [in the 3rd Hampden District] and return our phone calls no matter how small the issue.

"The whole reason I'm running for this is because I want to be a true representative and I want to hear what anybody's needs are and that's the difference between me and my opponent," he said. "I'm not running for this position because it's about me it's about the people in the district. It's really about caring and listening to people and working hard to represent them and their concerns."

Boldyga explained that the question and answer forum will be beneficial to addressing a wide array of issues posed by citizens.

"They can count on me who [will be] doing the right think for the people in our district," he said.

The candidate forum will take place on Oct. 30 from 8:30 - 9:30 p.m. at Powder Mill Middle School, 94 Powder Mill Rd. in Southwick.

The forum is open to the public and questions can be submitted to the Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce by Oct. 29 by phone at 568-1618 or via e-mail at All questions must include name, address and phone number in the event that the Chamber needs clarification on the question.