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Six Flags makes strides to serve hard liquor

By Erin O'Connor

Staff Writer

AGAWAM - Despite objections from Agawam Police Chief Robert Campbell the Agawam Liquour Licensing Commission granted approval April 11 to transfer the wine and malt license to the Picnic Grove and the all alcohol license to two stands in the water park in a two to one vote.

The original public hearing on the matter was March 21.

According to Six Flags New England Public Relations Manager, Melissa Pinkerton final licensing will not go through until approval comes from Boston. The state's Alcohol Beverages Control Commission must approve the transfer.

Pinkerton said officials wanted to change the all alcoholic liquor licenses in the picnic grove to the amusement park and restrict specifically to the Water Park, to sell frozen drinks at the Tiki Bar and Coral Reef (Margheritas and Pina Colodas) and that the water park closes at 7 p.m.

"We sell frozen drinks margaritas there now and the margeritas are currently wine based," Pinkerton said

Six Flags said that Police and Park staff secure the area however, in a letter from Police Chief Robert Campbell he recommended against the license transfer stating a number of concerns that focused around controling drinking in the park.