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It only took us about a dozen or so letters, but after our last letter published on Jan. 24, we finally got a reaction from our Town Manager. In the Jan. 31 edition of The Longmeadow News, Robin Crosbie wrote a letter questioning our opinions. She spent most of the letter explaining Hadley's water/sewer situation. Fair enough!

However, Robin also suggested we look into the Hadley situation as "the Hadley studies are public information and available to anyone willing to ascertain the facts." We were willing! We discovered after a few phone calls that our current situation in Longmeadow is where Hadley was a short time back. Many citizens of Hadley are as unhappy about their ascending rates for sewer and water as are Longmeadow residents, but not all. They have accepted higher pricing.

This letter is not the place to try to settle this problem, but should alert us to the dangers. We should review where we are and where we're going before we go too far. Longmeadow's unhappiness with our water/sewer situation is a reflection of what Crosbie had in Hadley. Let's not let ours go any further.

Susie and Sam Altman