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Allen hasn’t set dates for debates

Date: 10/1/2015

On Sept. 17, I suggested a series of three debates with Councilor Allen, to occur between Sept. 29 and Oct. 20, which he said on MassLive he would welcome.         Since that time, my committee has contacted Mr. Allen with a suggested date and place for the initial debate but have had absolutely no response from the Allen campaign.

The residents of Ward 7 deserve the opportunity to listen to the candidates and ask questions of the people who want to be their City Councilor. Maybe Mr. Allen doesn’t believe that. I find his disrespect and delay tactics insulting to the voters of our ward, who are tired of this sort of political gamesmanship. They want straight talk and answers and they deserve that.

When you ask people for their vote, you are making a promise to them – you are telling them you want to dedicate the next two years of your life to working on their behalf. My opponent ran for City Council in 2013 and just about 40 days into his new term, he decided he would rather be state senator.

I want to be part of the City Council to move Springfield forward. Voters have my promise that, if elected, I will serve my full two year term on behalf of Ward 7 and the residents of the entire city. Will Tim Allen make that promise? And if he does, considering his actions almost immediately after the last election, can you believe him?”

Voters deserve more respect than what Tim Allen is offering. His silence shows his lack of value for the residents of Ward 7. If he doesn’t take this challenge seriously, he’s not taking the residents seriously.

Lillian Grey
Candidate for City Council