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An antidote for potential bullying

Date: 5/31/2011

As of late, much has been said about bullying and the bully. The word "bully" should not be thought of as singular, for the bully has and is usually part of an entourage of supporters and followers. We all feel a need of belonging. We also derive our self worth based on what we perceive others to think of us. Image is the qualification which opens the door and finds us a place among others who also seek similar refuge.

Peer pressure is not confined to just the adolescent stage, but lives on throughout our lifetime. As a society we are all interconnected and interdependent, to a degree, which is beneficial to the betterment and quality of our existence as a whole. But if our self esteem is lacking, then the type of people with which we bond may be ill served.

To get back on track is to rediscover who we are and what we truly want for ourselves. A simple self-evaluation test may set us on the right path.
  1. Pretend that you are the only individual on the planet.

  2. Now ask yourself would your image and personal attributes really matter all that much and be of concern if no no one were around to take notice?

  3. Now re-evaluate and list all the things you do to impress those you confront in your daily routine. .
Although we are integrated for the common good, it is necessary, at times, for each and every one of us to contemplate and do some soul searching to come to terms with our own instincts and frailties. We need to overcome the fear of non-essentials like worrying about comparisons and of being ineffectual.

In summary, bullying is mainly an identity crisis.

Bill Paul


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