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Appreciation of sidewalk safety

July 26, 1990! Bush (41) signed the absolute mandate to state and local government ordering them to construct or modify all public walks, etc. to federal specifications. While some seem ludicrous, more reasonable was the curb cuts allowing passage of wheelchairs from road to sidewalks. East Longmeadow is but one of very many that subordinate that mandate. Its excuses from on high in Town Hall were many and transparent. Compliance at the S.E. area of "the rotary" was 'complicated, expensive, and nearly impossible.' (These are those marked crosswalks between the church, bank, filling station.).

Look now! Two of three ends of those crosswalks are correct. Why? Our P.D. Safety Officer stepped up to the plate and did the right think. How he got around the stonewall I shall not ask. He knew it was possible. And then the hands-on guys with many skills made short work of the curbs. I would never sell short the group of hard workers at the D.P.W. The minor obstacle (N. corner of Pleasant Street is childsplay for those who've already done the 'impossible.')

I know full well how it is to be in their shoes, and I identify with the "We Care" on their vehicles. They earn my/our gratitude every day. Thanks again.

Paul Cooke

East Longmeadow