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As usual, Dobbs is right

Date: 7/11/2011

This is in response to a letter in the Reminder, June 27, 2011 (Dobbs is wrong).

Romney was a lousy governor and he would be a lousy anything.

He is a Republican and their line-up of people for President is pathetic.

The Democrats went along with “Bushy” to get us involved in the Middle East because of the lies and deception of the Bush administration. The C.I.A. told them there was no cause to start hostilities there.

The Republicans are still supporting tax breaks to oil companies and people earning $200,000, and up, while the largest segment of our country is having a difficult time meeting everyday expenses and bills.

Anytime those carpetbaggers want to cut back on the deficit, it’s the middle class that picks up the tab and services are reduced to the people who need it the most.

Their monetary transgressions in our society have gone on for a long time and are totally unacceptable.

The Republican ambiguous policies they suggest are just stalling tactics until 2012. If they suggest something and the President says, “OK, let’s talk it over, it sounds good,” they then say, they’re against it.

They also have become masters at pretentious exaggerations of something that turned out well that they had nothing to do with.

The American voter has to become more astute to what is transpiring and encompass the entire equation of events so that they can sort out the degradation of present day politics, that have evolved into an ambiguous transcendence of trepidations.

E. Anthony Mosio


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