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Budget Issues

A week hadn't passed since the citizens of Longmeadow got a reprieve from the excessive water/sewer rate increase than our Town Manager presented us with her FY09 budget. She did it again! In light of the current fiscal situation yes, Robin, we are in a recession we might have expected a more modest level service and balanced budget. I do understand an eight and one-half percent increase from FY08, and that won't fly. We know Robin contacts many consultants. I never met a consultant who did not come up with some sort of "needs" program.

Here's a novel idea. Perhaps, for once, we hire a consultant to show us how to increase our efficiency, lower our costs, and increase our revenues. The Select Board should order it done. That would be a nice change.

After only six months gone in FY08 our Town Manager called for a $2.1 million override. In July of FY08 she presented us with her radical new water/sewer program which turned out to be a disaster. And now, without missing a beat, Robin is telling us she needs an eight and one-half percent increase in FY09. How much blood does Robin "Hood" Crosbie think she can get from the Longmeadow Blood Bank?

Sam Altman