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'Bumps in the road' more like potholes

Date: 10/30/2012

President Obama has repeatedly stated that the American economy is doing well, as are the American people, especially the private sector, in spite of a few "bumps in the road." Let's look at some of President Obama's "bumps in the road."

1. We have four dead Americans in a brutal attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya about which the Obama Administration lied to the American people and covered up.

2. We have an unemployment rate of more than 8 percent for longer than three years (more than 11 percent in the Hispanic community and more than 15 percent for African-Americans).

3. Twenty-three million Americans are unemployed or under-employed.

4. About 16 million Americans are living below the poverty line.

5. About 47 million Americans are on government food stamps, nearly a 50 percent increase under the Obama Administration.

6. Billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on government loans to failed so-called "green" companies like Solyndra.

7. President Obama has repeatedly apologized to enemy countries in the Middle East instead of showing American strength.

8. ObamaCare was passed and will cost the American people millions of dollars in additional taxes and drastically reduce the quality of health care in our country.

9. Our federal government now borrows about 40 percent of every dollar it spends.

10. The average price of a gallon of gas has more than doubled since Obama has been in office from $1.86 to $3.89. This has caused an increase in the price of everything Americans buy.

11. The average income of American families has decreased by about $4,000 or more.

12. America's national debt has increased over $6 trillion in less than four years and is still rising.

These are just some of the "bumps in the road" under President Obama's first term in office.

Another four years for the Obama Administration will result in our country going over a cliff from which we may never recover.

Please think long and hard about the above "bumps in the road" when you vote on Nov. 6.

Albert P. Bushey

East Longmeadow