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Cahill an independent?

Date: 6/16/2010

In The Reminder, Editor Dobbs commented on the great expense and effort expended over the "Asian Massage Parlors." He is right, especially when laws people care about are not being enforce because police are "spread thin," so we are told.

On the front page is so-called independent Cahill telling us he will roll back taxes if he is elected. He does not mention fees. Few politicians will mention fees and taxes at the same time. Nor does he mention where the cuts in expenditures will come from. Will he cut fiascos like the "Asian Massage Parlor" investigation or things people need in education and human services?

History has made me a pessimist and I think he will cut something people need, as usual, and the boondoggles will continue to be well-funded.

Robert Joseph Underwood