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Change of leadership

Date: 4/18/2011

Please be aware of a proposal to change the leadership of the Fire and Police Department from Chiefs (2) to (1) Commissioner There have been four other towns / cities that have tried to do this in Massachusetts. Three turned it down. One actually tried it and one year later went back to one Fire Chief and one Police Chief.

This is absurd to even think about making this change! East Longmeadow may save a little salary expense, but the consequences will reverbicate throughout the town.

What experience does a Police Chief have about running a fire department and what experience does a Fire Chief have running a police station? Maybe we should eliminate the selectmen (3) and have one commissioner for that department as well?! We wouldn't save a lot of salary, but we would only have one brilliant mind (idea) to deal with at a time!

Please tell your friends, neighbors and relatives that are still relying on the Police and Fire Departments in East Longmeadow that this isn't a solution, this will become a big problem! I know many of you no longer live in East Longmeadow, but you still have family and roots here that would be hurt by such a decision! Get out and let your voice be heard May 16 at a Special Town Meeting. Vote NO WAY!

God Bless East Longmeadow and the USA!

Mark Grabowski

East Longmeadow

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