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Changing public perception

Date: 3/28/2011

The Public Library of East Longmeadow expects changes in its financing, Board of Trustees membership and its public perception. It awaits decisions from town voting, the town meeting and the appropriations committee.

My review of the adult educational resources of comparative towns in Western and Central Massachusetts discloses that East Longmeadow is unusual in that no adult classes, private schools, bookstores, or colleges are found in town. This leaves our library as the only local outlet of adult educational material. The library serves this need well, but it requires community support. State funding is available as long as community financial support exists.

The demands on the library have almost doubled in the past 7 or 8 years with discs and, now, electronic books expanding in use. Electronic circulation is growing in popularity and this appears to be a universal library experience.

The argument is heard that no libraries are needed in the presence of the Internet. The Internet can be managed, filtered and even turned off, as recent political events in China and the Near East have shown.

Our East Longmeadow Library plans for a Saturday Open House on April 30 to show its resources and to hear community comments on its services.

Arthur T McGuire Jr.

Chair, Board of Trustees

East Longmeadow Library

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