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Climate change to impact next generation

Date: 2/7/2013

When you see a newborn and witness the loving care that binds mother and child together, it makes you wonder if the parents are fully aware of the adverse health issues that poor air quality and climate change will have on that infant in the coming years. There's enough scientific data to verify a dire need for change in the way we conduct business and also our impeccable influence on other nations to follow suit.

John Kerry, in his bid for the Secretary of State position, stated that global climate change is a life-threatening issue. He reiterated that it is also a $6 trillion energy market worth millions of new American jobs.

The layman needs to understand that the atmosphere which surrounds our planet is very thin and fragile. The troposphere, which is the closest layer to the surface, is only 4 to 12 miles high, and the air of which is dense enough to sustain life for humans is less than 18,000 feet above sea level. One must keep in mind that outer space, which is not far above, is extremely hostile. We must do all we can to protect the bubble of life- giving air and water, which is critical for the survival of those young and innocent children which we cherish and want the best for.

Bill Paul