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Codepink Article Was Puff Piece

Date: 12/21/2009

Last week's Reminder presented the story of women going to the Middle East under the auspices of Codepink. Their stated purpose was to "take a stand for the people of Gaza."

Although much was said about Israel and Gaza, what wasn't mentioned was the nature of Codepink.

A quick look at the Codepink Web site and materials makes it clear that it is a one-sided organization that does not recognize the right of America to defend itself against al-Qaeda or the Taliban.

Nor does it recognize the right of Israel to fight a war of survival against the terrorist group Hamas, armed by Iran.

Hamas seeks to destroy the state of Israel and has a history of launching missiles deeper and deeper into Israel. The distance between Gaza and Tel Aviv is about the same as between Springfield and Worcester. Would we in America give up the right of self-defense if a hostile force controlled territory that close? How is it that the Codepink Web site is silent on these rockets falling well within the state of Israel?

How is it that Codepink expresses concern and sympathy for the Palestinian women and children who died or were injured during the war in Gaza last year, but it ignores the fact that innocent Israeli women and children died as well? How is it that Codepink is silent when bombs explode in the middle of Israel at university cafeterias, pizzerias, coffee houses, or near the beach in Tel Aviv? Why is there silence when innocent Israelis suffer?

The answer is that Codepink does not promote peace for all humanity; it spews hatred of Israel as it expresses its support of the Palestinians. There is even a section on the Web site protesting the cosmetic company Ahava and its use of the natural resources in Israel. Just what does the Ahava cosmetic company have to do with promoting peace? Further the links on the Codepink Web site are to organization that call to end all trade with the "racist state of Israel." These groups are seeking to delegitimize and destroy the Jewish people's homeland.

Those who truly pursue peace recognize the need for a two state solution, care deeply about the pain of the innocent Israelis and Palestinians, and recognize that both sides have suffered for too long.

We do not expect much from Codepink. We were disappointed that The Reminder would write a front page puff piece that glamorizes Codepink. We expect The Reminder to publish thoughtful, balanced and nuanced articles.

Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz, Ph.D, Temple Beth El


Rabbi Mark Shapiro, Sinai Temple


Rabbi Fred Hyman, Temple B'nai Torah