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Collins, Rooke only thinking of themselves

Date: 5/7/2012

May 7, 2012

In response to an article which appeared in the April 23-29 Reminder, I would like to say that as a retired city public health nurse from the city of Springfield, I would like to say that Timothy Rooke and Christopher Collins should have public meetings both day and evenings to see how not only the city employees but city retirees feel about the changing of and the insurance going out to bid.

I feel that not only do they not respect the lives and well beings of seniors but are only thinking of themselves.

In the late 90's Howie Carr on his Boston radio show stated the way to cut the federal deficit was to take away the seniors Social Security when they were 80 and medicine.

I feel Mr. Rooke, Mr. Collins and Mayor Sarno are supporting this movement and the movement to take away our dental benefits.

When will Mayor Sarno, Mr. Rooke and Mr. Collins ask to take away our pensions?

Have they forgotten this is a vital election year?

Have they forgotten that they are elected officials?

Have they forgotten that in future years they will be seniors?

Sallyann Chapman

East Longmeadow

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