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One issue...That would be ludicrous and narrow minded. On the other hand...the issue of same-sex marriage is multi-faceted and encroaches on many social issues that are prevalent in our society.

The issue of same sex marriage in Massachusetts and the judiciary license that permitted its legalization is a constitutional matter regarding the power and authority of one branch of government circumventing the democratic process our country has fought too hard and too long to preserve.

Same sex marriage is also just one demonstration of a deeper and more organized national agenda that has platformed itself through the media, through the entertainment industry, and more insidiously through the public school system.

Same sex marriage and the agenda that has thrust it upon all of us (especially those who value the God inspired historic tradition of our country) in a barrage of activism, blatant propaganda, and covert manipulation of our public school children; has canonized itself as a human rights issue pitting the debate in a realm where it holds no ground.

This issue alone has indignified the very halls of its inception. It has brought question to our democratic system. It has brought confusion to our children. It has challenged the motives of our founding fathers. It has demeaned the efforts of those who fought for civil liberties by putting selfish deviancies on the same plain as race, ethnicity, gender, and religion.

You see Mr. Dobbs, same sex marriage is not that simple a matter and those who are brave enough to stand up against the giants of politics and publicity get my vote especially when it comes down to ONLY ONE ISSUE that touches on so many other issues that mean most to me and the ones I love.

Bob Cree

21 year veteran of the Army

Private School Principal

Father of six

Husband of one

Follower of Christ,