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Common Financial Sense

Town residents will be asked to spend over $750,000 under warrant articles 6 and 7 to satisfy an MSBA requirement to prepare a High School feasibility study. We have already spent $25,000 on a recent architectural study which defined upgrade improvements. Have we lost our financial common sense? Longmeadow is facing $400 to $500 million in future infrastructure needs. Again, have we lost our financial compass? The High School needs work but it does not have to be torn down. School enrollment has steadily decreased in the last several years. Do students really care about structural cosmetics?

The Longmeadow High School Building committee claims ADA deficiencies as one of the justifications for a new school. How many "disabled" students are in the High School? Are there not other methods which can accommodate their needs?

Do we need to spend $100 million+ on a new High School? Can we expect the State in its current economic crisis with a billion dollar plus deficit to reimburse us? We need our local elected and appointed officials to put on their common sense hats and apply sound financial judgment to satisfy all of our future town needs, within our ability to pay.

Please plan to attend the Town Meeting on Oct. 28 and participate in the debate on how not to spend three quarters of a million dollars. Many will be there, willing to spend the money!

G.A. Nolet

Member, Longmeadow Planning Board