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"Dead"-icated to all drivers everywhere

Date: 11/15/2010

You may have gone through a red light, text, etc. Your lawyer might have gotten you off! On your second or one million mile drive, you do one of the above items (text, etc). A car comes out of nowhere, hits you, and both families are killed.

True, you did not have to pay for a ticket before. Your lawyer saw to that. You did not have to pay for the ticket before. However you did pay by killing both families.

A lady was hit by a car recently at night. The police report said she was wearing dark clothes.

Night driving: my speed limit is five miles around town; 10-20 miles straight driving. Traveling at these speeds the driver should have seen the lady in dark clothes. These are the speeds I travel. Lo and behold I see people at night wearing dark clothing, and have plenty of time to stop to avoid them.

Day or night I have had people walk, run, bicycle, cars coming in the direction I was turning, lights off, black, at night naturally, 18 wheeler truck pulling into its rightful lane, taking up two lanes, coming directly towards me on a mountain road. Nothing happened to anyone who was in front, alongside my car or fell in front of my car.

Why was this lady injured, or maybe killed? As well, others? According to the news media, witnesses, police reports I should have 20 notches on my car for injuring and killing these people.

Rule of the road: drivers are to have control of their car at all times, better safe than sorry, better late than never. You do pay, one way or another!

Joel Sacks