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Demand Information

On Nov. 6 the voters of Longmeadow will be asked to vote on a $2.15 million override without any special advanced open meeting discussion of the details. Will they be informed that only $1.1 million is to cover the new teachers contract increase and the $1.05 million balance is to cover other needs not fully explained to the public?

A totally uninformed public will rush to the polls to vote for other uses of $1.05 million. I called the Town Manager and she confirmed this information.

Most egregious is the timing. Think about it. In November school is in full session and the parents are readying a campaign to back the teachers contract. Many of those without children head south as cool weather approaches. Who will be left to vote? You got that right! I know, absentee ballots are available, but not much used. Because of this, I suggest only the teachers contract override be presented and honored at this time. The balance can wait until the robins and our snow-birds return north in the spring. If they split the override, I plan to vote for the salary override. If they don't, I recommend we vote "no" until the electorate is not held hostage by having to vote an extra $1.05 million for future projects in order to fulfill our current moral and legal obligation to the teachers contract.

Sam Altman