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Date: 2/1/2010

That government that cannot or will not serve the best interests of the majority of its citizens and the nation, the "general welfare," security and their posterity, government "of, by, and for the people," is not a true democracy. On the contrary, it is un-non-anti-democratic. That is the prevailing attitude and condition of the two "major" political parties, holding desperately to the obsolete and anachronistic Electoral "College" that worships the idea that they have the entitlement for "the winner takes all." That is the dictatorial and tyrannical attitude of the Vince Lombardis and the Leo Durochers, who loudly and proudly proclaimed that "winning is everything" and "nice guys finish last," respectively (not respectfully!).

The 5-4 decision of the current "Supreme Court" has re-affirmed and confirmed the arrogance and non-democratic conditions of both the "Democrat" and "Republican" parties. They both despise attitude of those of us who are authentic independent thinkers and voters. We authentic independents truly love our citizens and the authentic ideals of our history, expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and the corrective intentions of all the amendments to that defective Article I. The First and Second Congresses, and the Articles of Confederation, and Article I of the Constitution, all together contradicted and fatally violated the ideals and principles of the Declaration of Independence. Tragically, those violations continue day by day, year after year, and every election at every level of government in these dis-united states of un-america. "E pluribus unum," and "in God we trust" are both the pipe dreams and epitome of hypocrisy!

The only solution for the above cited tragedies of hypocrisy is for all self-proclaimed independent citizens and voters to exercise their right to "popular sovereignty" and to vote term limits for all elected members of the oligarchies and mis-representatives, Democrats and Republicans, who are neither, and to elect authentic American Patriots, genuinely altruistic, who will honestly serve the best interests of all the people, rather than themselves and their "special" interests. A 5-4 split either way will not work!

Jack D. Phillips

Authentic Independent