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Disagreeing with Dobbs

Date: 3/23/2009

It finally happened; I disagree with G. Michael Dobbs.

If young under age people are going to attend places where alcoholic drinks are served, they are going to drink. They do not have to be served by a bartender, all a lovely young woman has to do is smile and sway her charms and there are very few guys who will not respond to her wishes.

As for the part, they can shoulder arms but can not have [the right] to drink those people signed up for the military. The draft into the armed forces didn t affect people until they were 21. The under age drinkers I encountered in the army didn t control the booze too well.

The entertainment district continues to cause problems for the city and takes away the culture and continuity of downtown created by Symphony Hall and City Stage; and the other fine places of interest. The restaurants would have more people stopping in to eat if the atmosphere was more peaceful.

As far as the monetary segment of these bars is concerned, maybe they should be spread out a bit more. If all we are talking is money, than maybe we should legalize brothels. The fine gentlemen who would make use of them would probably cause fewer distortions than the people who frequent the entertainment area at this time.

But then all of these things are in the same equation, and must be sorted out.

It is a thin line between entertainment and wild night life evolving into making money and only allowing the performing arts to make our city a safe place to relax and have dinner.

It seems the mayor is trying to sort out the transgressions against our society from the bars, and yet it is difficult, because all of the above encompasses the downtown area and is part of the trepidations that still exist.

E. Anthony Mosio