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Dobbs, Reich lack understanding

Date: 9/11/2013

This week’s editorial, “Raising the minimum wage only makes sense,” shows that both you and Mr. Reich have an appalling lack of understanding the fundamentals of capitalism and how it has made this country great. The fault lies with liberal educators like Mr. Reich who have been pushing left wing propaganda for decades instead of teaching the nuts and bolts of what makes a free market work.

You were correct however, in stating that the “minimum wage is a starting position” but added that “it’s a rut” for too many Americans. It’s only a rut to those who don’t understand the fundamental principles of that free market. The first is that you are not owed anything by an employer. The employer is in it to make money. It's his capital, his blood, sweat and tears. He owes you nothing more than what you agreed to when hired. It is up to you through hard work and education to move ahead. Too many people today have been told by the left that they are “owed.” They are owed nothing except “equal opportunity.” There is no guarantee of outcome except in communism where all but the leaders are miserable and poor. How has that worked out?

Secondly, all government statistics show that when wages are arbitrarily and artificially raised, employers do what we all do when expenses rise. We cut back. They lay people off or stop hiring. Those hurt most are the young, minorities in particular. Eventually, they will be forced to raise prices and that impacts everyone because this has a ripple effect on the entire economy. After inflation, how has that helped the worker? The economy works best when government intrudes the least.

Lastly, you asked, “Don’t we want to rebuild the middle class?” Yes, and the best way to undo the destruction to the economy that Obama and the Democrats have created, is to replace them with small government, constitutional conservatives, if you can find any. In the election of 2008, Dems told us that Bush was the problem and they were the solution. For two years, they implemented everything the president wanted because Democrats controlled the House and Senate. Since that has only made things worse, they now blame the current Congress, controlled by Republicans, for not giving them more of what did not work the first two years.

For those of you who have bought into “all employers are selfish and evil” and “government is the solution,” wait until Obamacare fully kicks in next year. If you think things are bad now, hang onto your hats.

Don Crossman

East Longmeadow