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Don't have more candidates to choose from

I feel it is my duty as an East Longmeadow voter to convey my personal opinion or views in a forthright manner. I would like to discuss our two candidates seeking one of three selectman seats available come April 11. I believe both candidates are individuals of high integrity and sound moral character. I only question their motive in pursuing this vacancy on the Board of Selectmen.

Let's discuss candidate Joe Townshend first. He owns and operates a Midas Brake shop in town, therefore, will his input and decisions be of self-benefit and advantage to the business community only or will it encompass all the good citizens of East Longmeadow.

Presently, we have a town government that fosters loops. You known what I'm talking about. You heard the expression, you're either in the loop or out of the loop. If you're not an entrepreneur your outside the loop. I, for one, detest loops.

Now, let's discuss our other candidate Mike O'Shea. It appears to me that Mr. O'Shea was encouraged to seek this vacant seat by the two remaining selectmen Mr. Delisle and Mr. Driscoll. With this candidate's background in law enforcement, where do you think his emphasis will be directed. I can see it all coming together, the chief of police now has an assistant, a captain. A new detective bureau with new automobiles and on and on and on. Just overkill.

Mike O'Shea will be nothing more than a clone for the two remaining selectmen. A vote for Mike O'Shea will be a vote for Mr. Delisle and Mr. Driscoll.

It is certainly disappointing that we don't have more candidates to choose from, but I will cast my vote for Joe Townshend "whom I never met" hoping for the best with my fingers crossed.

Salvatore Thomas Franco

East Longmeadow