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Drivers ignore pedestrian safety

Date: 12/6/2010

On Allen and Cooley Streets, the only place a person can cross is at the entrance of Stop and Shop Supermarket, where there is a traffic light. The other place is at the corner of Allen Street, where the four gasoline stations are. Again there is a traffic light. True, you might consider it a distance to walk, but consider this: the chances of being killed or injured are very small. A young lady was injured walking across Cooley Street.

Pedestrians look both ways before crossing. Pay attention and cross at light. Do not be distracted by radio, cell phones, talking, etc. Driver(s) let the people cross the street safely. You are driving a one ton vehicle; a weapon. I was waiting behind some cars waiting to make a turn. By the time I reached the corner to make a turn, a person was trying to cross the street in the direction I was turning. I waited until the person crossed the street before I made my turn. Other drivers do not allow a person to cross a street when the light is with them. This is not a proper way to be when driving be kind to one another, instead of saying, "I did not see the person run, etc. in front of my car." How about taking it easy when driving, instead of saying I did not see the person because.person being injured or killed. The shortest route can be the longest one in your life. Cross at traffic light, pay attention.

Joel Sacks