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Event to Benefit Children's Hospital Boston

Date: 12/8/2008

I am the grandmother of two little sweethearts under the age of two. Mattie, who is a healthy 23 month old girl and Addie, who is now only nine months old. Addie has already had two surgeries at Children's Hospital Boston. Even though both surgeries were successful, she will still have to go back periodically for follow-up care.

I would like to make sure that the Children's Hospital Boston will always be there, not only for her but for all children. There is never enough support to provide for the care of so many children who are in need of medical attention.

We are planning our first annual "Sophia's Kids" event at Sophia's Restaurant and Sports Bar at 465 Breckwood Blvd., Springfield, on Dec. 13 starting at 4 p.m. With the help of many local restaurants and establishments, our friends and our family, we hope this will touch the lives of many children.

My family and I are forever grateful for the genuine care of Dr. Goumnerova and the rest of the staff at Children's Hospital Boston.

Julie Makris