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Exciting, difficult times

Date: 12/7/2010

Among the many soul-stirring events that gripped our nation over the past several months was the sudden and unexpected shattering of the half-acre mentality that plagued our nation for decades.

"If it didn't happen within seventy-two feet of my dwelling, it didn't happen" is the half-acre state of mind that allowed our nation to slowly slide into the jaws of the dragon.

But this nearsighted, self-focused mindset was profoundly shaken as multitudes of citizens across the nation found themselves compelled to search their soul and embrace the larger world around them.

This significant, eye-opening move was set in motion by a deep concern and love for ones children and grandchildren. It was sparked by the sudden realization that the current administration in Washington is aloof, unresponsive to the will of the people and borderline maniacal. Parents all over America looked into the face of their offspring and asked themselves "What is happening to our nation? What legacy am I leaving for my children!"

And this more than anything was the jolt that caused a very significant number of Americans to abandon the tingling sensations of Camelot and to reach out and embrace reality.

This sudden shattering of the half-acre mentality caused a remarkable slide toward conservatism by a small army of parents and grandparents which was quickly met with mockery and bad press, but this time the spiky and piercing power of twit had no effect. The concern that people had for their children's future was much more powerful than the proverbial sting of mockery. The newly evolved "gray-haired-army" remained steadfast and stood its ground. It remained uncontrollable and resolute — even a tad obstinate — in the face of intense opposition, and this display of measured defiance upset the liberal establishment considerably.

Breaking from tradition can be extremely difficult, but those brave souls who abandoned Camelot to embrace reality and truth, quickly found many new and interesting friends among weathered, politically seasoned Tea Party members.

This year will go down as one where deep, enriching friendships were forged in the fire of desperation as Tea Party members welcomed, mentored and encouraged multitudes of weary truth-seekers who were ready to embrace a whole new and refreshing way of looking at things. We live in difficult, but exciting times.

William Santy