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Farmstand farewell

Date: 5/3/2011

Many of you have probably noticed the sign for "Joe & Suzi's Farmstand" has been taken down. The decision to do this was not an easy one. BUT, certain neighbors, family members and town officials have made the decision easier.

I have been running the farm stand for the past five years. It started off on two saw horses and a piece of plywood. With all the support from customers and friends, it became something that I was hoping would be a staple here in East Longmeadow. Boy, was I wrong!

Certain town officials see a nice piece of property and see revenue in tax dollars and not a family farm that's been around for over 50 years. These town officials, family members and certain neighbors (who know who they are) tried their hardest to prove me wrong with my rights, but I did not let down and won many of the fights that were brought to my attention. Now, it's just not worth the fight, I am tired of worrying if someone is sneaking on the property to take pictures or to dump garbage so that is why I have closed the farm stand.

I remember growing up in this town and farms were everywhere. I was hoping to raise my daughter in the same type of town I grew up in. Now it's just turning out to be like every other town. That is SAD. I will miss everyone that stopped by, especially my little guy who made his mom stop almost every other day to buy his lemon cukes (you know who you are). I will also miss the great conversations with townies that remember the farm when they were kids growing up in this town.

So, here is my farewell to everyone who has stopped by to purchase a Sunflower or some produce. You all will be missed.

Suzanne Belden

East Longmeadow

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