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Fast drivers cause for alarm

Date: 11/29/2010

I drive through streets like my own residential area and popular thoroughfares. Drivers fly by with disregard for people's lives or limb. Drivers say 30-35 miles is too slow. It should be 40. In front of my own home a small dog was hit by a fast moving car. The dog was bouncing up and down from under the car. The dog walked away. I went across my street to pick up trash. No one was coming. A car came from nowhere, went around me, missed me, stopped in front of my driveway and stood there for 5-10 minutes. Probably shaking. One of my nine lives gone.

Whether it is a bicycle or a two ton truck, these vehicles can injure or kill someone.

A radio caller saved my life as well as my wife. I am trying to do the same.

All the research done by the police department for a safe speed limit in an area cannot be [wrong]. Less is best. You can kill/injure a person doing one or more miles an hour. Drivers backing up without checking to see if someone is behind them. Rolling stop at a full stop sign. Car comes from nowhere, hits you when you go through it. Millions of people do this yearly. Yield sign is considered a full stop sign; 1950's motor vehicle handbook. "You may go through a yield sign if you can do so safely. Be prepared to stop."

People walk on sidewalks, may run or walk in front of your car, there are blind spots where you cannot see a person, sun-car lights in your eyes, trees, leaves, etc. When you cannot see go slow. Also darkness. This is the time your speed has to be cut in half darkness.

You may call me all sorts of names, make jokes. Tell it to the families who have had their loved ones killed, injured, or maybe in the hospital for life.

Tell it to the people who are buried in the cemetery. "I killed you because I was in a hurry to make five minutes. The injured. Tell it to the 'Deadbeets.'"

Joel Sacks