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Fourth of July Parade Committee needs assistance

Date: 4/3/2014

The East Longmeadow Fourth of July Parade Committee is regrouping to plan the parade as the majority of the present members are retiring due to length of service and personal issues.

We will be meeting in order to plan the 2014 parade and need the assistance of community members to join us in this effort. We did receive interest from some citizens through previous appeals and thank them for this. Just recently, however, a group from town has shown interest in working on the parade under the leadership Mr. Ryan Quimby and will be meeting to plan the parade along with present committee members.

We hope this interest continues as it is vital to have more citizens help out to work and share the responsibilities in preparing the parade which will take place on July 4.

As part of this process, invitations to participate in the 2014 parade will be mailed in the April to any group who participated in the 2013 parade. Any new group who would like to participate can contact Ryan Quimby at or 413-348 0953 to receive their form. In addition, any questions regarding the parade can be directed to Carl Ohlin at 525-2952, Ryan Quimby 413-348-0953, Brian Falk at 519- 0698 or the Selectman's Office at 525-5427.

Carl F. Ohlin

Chairman Fourth of July Parade Committee

East Longmeadow