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Freaking idiot troll

Date: 10/10/2013

I give up. You’re an ass. An ignorant one at that.

A few idiots comment on Miss America and you construct an entire straw universe of racial animosity and “hate.”

By the way, your whole column had nothing to do with “social media.” You just used it as a platform to spew the usual us versus them crap. It’s always liberals who take a molehill and make a racial mountain out of it.

Plus, the usual blame on “pundits” – gee, who would that be? Fact is I listen to those people and never once have I heard anything but wanting everyone lifted up. You obviously do not listen because you rely on the out of context crap that you are spewing now.

You want out in the open racial animosity? You want to hear hate speech? You want to see where the real racial hatred is? Watch Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the congressional black caucus, or just see how these folks treat thoroughly decent men like Adam West or Herman Cain. Racism indeed.

People like you should have some bling strapped on and be air dropped into Harlem or Mason Square at midnight.

But it’s all Limbaugh’s fault – right?

Freaking idiot troll.

Michael Delfo Forni