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Friendly’s is no great loss

Date: 10/17/2011

Friendly’s is no great loss for me! I’m interested in good, healthy food. Friendly’s is not in business to promote the health of their customers. They are there to make money, period. I worked as a waitress there many years ago. The management’s #1 concern was portion control – not customer satisfaction, not worker’s satisfaction, not great food.

During the time of my employment, almost all the food items were enriched with preservatives and additives. The ice cream may have lured customers with good flavor, but read the ingredients – artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and many unpronounceable words. Thanks goodness, many of us will not eat these non-foods today.

We want food that nourishes, prevents disease and tastes great, too! Friendly’s was cheap, but it didn’t prevent bankruptcy.

Madeline Loder


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