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Gil Gonsalves will be sorely missed

Date: 5/29/2012

May 28, 2012

Big G is retiring and what a loss it is for the town of East Longmeadow and its students. Big G is a man who gave of himself each and every day.

My children and I know how great it was that each and every morning, before school, he would have students put their math problems on the board and worked tirelessly to help them to understand. He gave one-on-one attention to those students who needed that extra attention that is hardly ever seen in a public school setting.

Many teachers are unable or unwilling to do what came naturally to Big G. He did not just hand out worksheets, with the same problems for everyone to work on. No, instead he took the time to help all his students understand math and computer science.

The language of math is hard to understand for many, but Big G made it easy to comprehend. He is very easy to approach and really wants to get to know his students and their learning styles. He is also very fair.

I am really glad that my children got to experience the magical way that he taught, however, I am sorry for the rest of the students that will never get to have a teacher like him.

Thanks for all your hard work and your caring attitude. You will be missed.

Andrea Morissette and Family

East Longmeadow

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