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Global Warming

Please allow me to add to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's suggestions for reducing global warming and waste listed in your April 25 to May 1 issue:

1. Let the sun and air dry your clothes rather than using a clothes dryer. Anyone offended by seeing clean cloths drying outside needs to get a life.

2. Refuse to use those oil-based plastic bags the stores keep pushing. Ask for paper bags or, better yet, bring your own reusable bags.

3. Patronize restaurants and coffee shops that offer real plates and cups when dining in. Try to avoid businesses that use all disposable products. The daily waste from the all-disposables has to be tremendous.

4. Try to use this slogan whenever appropriate: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, For Our Environment.

We can easily save ourselves some money and help the environment with little or no inconvenience.

Eileen Pratt