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Date: 8/6/2012

I am writing in response to G. Michael Dobbs' editorial in July 23th edition of The Reminder. As a volunteer for Elizabeth Warren's senate campaign I find Mr. Dobbs' claim that Warren does not want to "say something of substance" and "uses the same sound bites over and over and doesn't seem willing to actually sit down for an actual conversation" flippantly misleading.

Warren is not a career politician running on rhetoric alone. Rather, she is an expert on bankruptcy law and who truly understands the unfair pressures placed upon middle class families. Warren has successfully worked to defend consumers against corporate avarice. She helped to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — an organization that protects the middle class from the sort of predatory loans that has led to financial disaster. If elected Warren would work for lasting reform. She will press for the type of investment America needs — not in oil subsidies and corporate handouts, but in infrastructure and public education.

I understand that those of us who follow politics closely often feel as if politicians are merely repeating the same lines over and over again. However, we must remember that Warren has needed introduce herself to citizens across the Commonwealth. Instead of criticizing Warren efforts at outreach, I would encourage voters who, like Mr. Dobbs, are interested in the ins and outs of Warren's platform to visit her website www. I guarantee you will be impressed by her insightful and intelligent stances on the issues that matter to voters in Massachusetts.

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