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Governor doesn't know anything but fees and taxes

Date: 4/11/2013

I read recently with a sickened feeling in my body how our governor is sour on the proposed $500 million gas tax hike. Well guess what, we hard working and retired taxpayers are simply tired of his continuous and never ending rhetoric on raising taxes and fees.

Is there anything else in this man's vocabulary other then raising taxes. How about doing what we have to do. Don't you think it's time to tighten your belt, cut expenses and try to live within your means. This is what we have to do like it or not.

Before this legislature decides to raise more taxes, they need to look at the following:

1. Furloughs (The private sector does it all the time )

2. Leaving unfilled positions empty

3. Reduce the fleet size of state vehicles and replace older vehicles with green energy ones.

4. Eliminate annual pay increases.

Also, look into all the fraud that is being perpetrated in this state government. I'm sure they come find several hundred million dollars if they put some energy and resources to work on the problem. Stop coming back to us ( taxpayer), every time you need to fix a financial problem that you created.

In closing, let me add one important request. Please give us some breathing room on taxes and fees and stop trying to help everyone with our tax monies. We don't have the luxury of living off of six figure incomes like you and your administration.

P.S: The one thing that really irritates me and thousands of others living in Western Massachusetts is how the transportation funds were syphoned off (stolen) from us to build the big dig ( PIG ). It's years later and our roads and highways are falling apart. Who do we thank for that?

Roland Archambault