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Gun control lobby lies

Date: 1/23/2013

I think had you clubbed the person in Virginia to steal his gun another person would have shot you. I can just see the headlines, "Massachusetts resident who supports gun control shot trying to steal a gun."

It is pretty hard to have a sober discussion of gun control. The gun control lobby lies most of the time. They really want to disarm the country, they are just not saying so now. The last time we had a "sober talk" about gun control the permit fees were increased, restrictions on law biding citizens were increased, and crime increased. We already have a license system with background checks. When you tell one of them that they just repeat what their leaders have told them to repeat. Clearly they do not know the existing system.

The same people who have been lobbying for citizen disarmament also lobby for lenient sentencing which enables serious offenders back on the street.

The cartoon on your editorial page is a good example of ignorantly parroting the citizen disarmament mantra. We already have police in the schools, guards in various places of business, some of them armed. Would you object to the policeman at your grocery store having a gun? Are you afraid someone will club him and steal his gun? Every day we read of armed holdups in stores where the unarmed clerk get hurt, sometimes killed.

Call the city police and ask them what it takes to get a permit to carry a gun for protection. You will find that they will issue one to protect money, but not your life, nor the lives of children in schools. Then to add insult to outrage, would be armed robbers have sued their victims for shooting them. This done under the laws of our politicians who tell us they want to stop crime and violence.

Can our society be fixed? Maybe, but not by tomorrow. In the mean time Lapierre may be right. There may be more Adam Lanza's out there planning a day of fame. Armed staff may be the only way to stop them. Of course, we are betting children's lives that the cop will be in the right place at the right time. Most of us feel we cannot get the president, or the governor, or even the mayor to listen to us. Lanza still has the attention of the president, 50 governors, and many mayors out to make new laws and get on the big screen.

We have had few copycats who were stopped. They are not reported by the media. They were shot in the parking lot before they could enter the schools. The media does show the failures, dead or wounded, in the road, in some cases by bystanders instead of official security; they only show the successful gunmen.

Robert Joseph Underwood